Who We Are



To provide services and supports for individuals with special needs  to live with dignity in the community, direct their own lives and attain personal fulfillment.

Core Values

Continuous Quality Improvement
SUS engages in an ongoing effort to improve its services and internal practices.

SUS acts on its belief in the essential dignity and value of each individual by treating everyone with compassion, caring and courtesy.

Maximize Individual Potential
SUS works with people to help them reach their individual potential.

Supportive Environment
SUS believes that people need each other to achieve their goals, and creates a supportive environment where people can share ideas and information freely, to foster creativity, communication and collaboration.

SUS is committed to acting with integrity, as demonstrated by treating people consistently, honestly and fairly to help them achieve their own goals and the goals of the agency.


  • 1978 -SUS is incorporated
  • 1981 -SUS Mental Health services begin
  • 1984 -SUS Developmental Disabilities services begin
  • 1990 -SUS HIV/AIDS services begin
  • 1995 -Developed from the ground-up, Knickerbocker, one of SUS’ first housing programs solely for homeless veterans with mental Illness, opens
  • 1996 -SUS Brooklyn Clubhouse opens
  • 1997 -Donna Colonna joins SUS
  • 1998 -First of two SUS Transitional Housing Programs for homeless individuals living with AIDS opens
  • 1999 -SUS Employment services offered for the first time
  • 2000 -First of six SUS Day Habilitation Programs for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities opens
  • 2000 -SRO Outreach Project begins
  • 2002- First SUS residence for low-income people opens
  • 2004 -SUS ACT Team is launched
  • 2004 -Donna Colonna named CEO of SUS
  • 2005 -SUS After-School Respite Program begins
  • 2009 -SUS awarded 3-year accreditation by CARF International for Day Habilitation, Employment, and Clubhouse Programs
  • 2010 -SUS Urban Farm Program launches
  • 2011 -SUS Wellness Works Clinic begins operating
  • 2012 -First SUS urgent housing shelter opens
  • 2013 -SUS Parachute Program for young adults launches

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