Women for SUS

Women for SUS unites established and emerging business leaders—two generations of women—with a mission: Housing for All. Members are motivated by the values of an inclusive society, supportive networks and philanthropic impact.

At the core of building or rebuilding a healthy life — is housing. Making it possible and affordable in NYC — Housing for All — is the challenge SUS has set for itself. Housing is HOPE. It takes perseverance, commitment, smarts, imagination and resources to turn HOPE into reality.

Women for SUS is leading the way forward.

As a New Yorker who believes New York is the greatest city in the world, I can not stand the thought that we have anyone without a home. I have spent my entire career creating environments that make an emotional connection with people. I have seen how “place” makes a difference. How could anyone get back on their feet without a safe clean place to sleep and call home even if it is a temporary home? Personally I have learned that “home” is the place where you feel supported and cared for and allows you to recharge and find your strength. The thought that we could give that support to anyone that needs it is what instantly attracted me to SUS.

Robin Kramer, Women for SUS Co Founder

The most impressive thing to me was the genuine engagement and pride of all of SUS staff involved in the two programs we visited—from the directors to the maintenance staff—everyone was so proud of their work, clearly in love with their jobs and committed to the population they work with. Equally impressive was the thought and attention to detail with which these programs are constructed and operated and the degree to which they feel alive and evolving as opposed to static. It feels as if literally everyone we met is always asking how the program can be even better and enhance the lives of the people they are working with even more.

Deborah Wolfe, Women for SUS Founding Member

To inquire about joining Women for SUS, please contact Jennifer Press Marden at jpress@womenforsus.org.

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