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While America has been captivated by the incredible story of Ted Williams, the Columbus, Ohio panhandler, who in the span of just one month has seen his life evolve from homeless street beggar to international celebrity. Paul Langley, a SUS consumer who spent years homeless on the streets but is now a chef, warns that Williams cannot go it alone and will need a strong support network to ensure that this incredible story has a happy ending.

Paul Langley, a 45-year-old sous chef employed by Time Life says he will never forget his years on the streets of New York. Langley who was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia, says he is proud that he has turned his life around and is able to pursue his passion for the culinary arts and hopes to someday achieve his ultimate goal of becoming an Executive Chef. However, he says he did not turn his life around overnight and he did not go it alone. Langley who lives in the Macombs Residence in the Bronx, one of Services for the UnderServed’s permanent housing facilities. Here he has access to dedicated professionals and caring counselors who provide him with the support he needs to overcome the many obstacles that could still shatter his dreams.

Langley discusses the process required to assist a homeless person in rebuilding their life and the support that Ted Williams will need to make sure that like Langley he can fulfill his dream.