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SUS Veteran Service Fair Friday, November 9, 2012


With the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and those returning from Afghanistan, there are a great number of skilled workers re-entering the job market. However, not all returning veterans are able to successfully make the transition back to civilian life without a little help. Many Veterans face issues such as legal problems, physical injuries, mental illness, homelessness and unemployment. To continue SUS’s history of assisting Veterans tackle these issues, SUS will be hosting the third Veterans Service Fair on November 9th at the Brooklyn Borough Hall.

The goal of the Fair is to provide veterans and veterans’ families with (1) a single point of entry into the network of government and non-profit agencies that help veterans address the major issues of housing, mental and physical wellness, criminal justice, and family reintegration, and (2) access to companies with jobs for veterans as well as assistance in the practical skills necessary for identifying and securing job opportunities.

SUS already has a long list of employers and service agencies signed up to participate in the fair.

If you are an employer who would like to hire returning heroes or to participate in the Veterans Service Fair, please contact Jason Dubrow jdubrow@sus.org (917-291-7215).