Growing a Better New York
SUS : Services for the unserved

New York Skyline

New York is a great city with a long history and strong people. In this city, we come together and support each other—as family members, neighbors, coworkers, and New Yorkers. Opportunities are everywhere, but sometimes not for everyone. Sometimes our fellow New Yorkers need tools to overcome obstacles and reach their potential—and that’s where we come in: Growing a Better New York.

S:US Urban Farms are all connected to S:US Housing. That’s not by chance. That’s deliberate. Without a roof over people’s head, nothing else much matters. Our Growing a Better New York campaign is focused on Urban Farms and aligns with the central mission of S:US.

Over 300 people a year work, train, plant and grow in 7 S:US Urban Farms spread across 4 boroughs. With therapeutic horticulture, nutritional programming and employment opportunities, we generated more than 4,000 pounds of food and employed 25 people last year alone – and now – with your help – we’re going to do more to Grow a Better New York.

The Difference Our Farms make

Make S:US Urban Farms uses horticulture to improve wellness and help participants achieve their personal and professional goals. Nurturing individuals in the most rewarding ways.

  1. The S:US Urban Farms Initiative is directed at providing consumer employment and volunteerism opportunities.
  2. Fresh produce harvested from S:US’ urban farms is shared among all of the residents, extending health and wellness benefits beyond just those who work on the farm.
  3. Through their participation in the initiative, urban farmers have realized improvements to overall health and wellness, developed a sense of pride and accomplishment, and have become more accountable, responsible and financially independent.
  4. S:US’ Urban Farms provide participants with full and part-time employment, and volunteer opportunities during the harvest season. A year-round schedule of personal and professional development workshops further help to build practical knowledge among S:US participants, with training on horticultural and food security topics as diverse as basic tree care and vegetable preservation through canning.
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