Veterans Services

Reintegration to civilian life is the toughest challenge veterans face. This is true for those who served decades ago or in recent conflicts.  Seventy percent live with chronic mental illness and substance use disorders. Of the nearly 3,000 veterans and their families we serve, most satisfy the federal guidelines for “very low income”. We are among NYC’s largest veterans’ services providers. In addition to serving veterans with the greatest barriers to independence and a full community embrace, we serve the needs of veterans at the highest risk of suicide due to:

The effects of chronic homelessness and unemployment

Untreated PTSD

Disconnection from their families and a variety of social supports

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Veterans Services

NY Serves

SUS was selected as the first ever Coordinated Network of veterans’ service providers in New York City. In this role, SUS oversees coordinated, high-quality, efficient, and rapid services for New York City’s veterans and their families referred through the UNITEUS technology platform. SUS plans and manages service integration, network development, ensures quality control and provides technical and administrative support for everyone in the Coordinated Network.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) New York City and Long Island

Funded through the Veterans Administration, SSVF provides supportive services to very low-income veteran families living in or transitioning to permanent housing, providing outreach, case management and assistance obtaining VA and other benefits. These services include healthcare, daily living assistance, personal financial planning, transportation, fiduciary and payee guidance, legal services, childcare and housing counseling – in addition to time-limited payments to third landlords, utility companies, moving companies and licensed childcare providers.

Education to Employment

Designed to integrate case management and intake services at selected local CUNY Community Colleges and SUNY Maritime College, this program offers supports for veteran students, allowing them to focus on the continuing education courses that lead to direct employment. Our program includes a cooperative engagement with SUNY Maritime College that qualifies veterans to enter the U.S. Merchant Marine as civilian mariners. To date, we have had a 100% success rate in graduation from this program.

Employment Services

Employment is key to helping veterans rise out of poverty into rewarding careers in various industries. Our Veterans Employment Services serves over 120 formerly homeless veterans each year. This program provides job training, placement, and on-the-job support, emphasizing finding employment solutions for chronically homeless vets. Primary client referral sources include VA Medical Centers, the NYC Department of Homeless Services shelter system, Veterans Service Organizations, community-based organizations serving vets, as well as transitional housing providers.

Suicide Prevention Services

Operation Constant Courage (OP:CC) is a veteran-empowered, community-based program providing suicide prevention services and crisis response to veterans. The program provides a proactive, grassroots solution to the veteran suicide epidemic. OP:CC offers a trusted and trained network of veteran peers across the region who volunteer as on call first responders to rapidly intervene during crises when veterans are at risk of suicide. With veteran first responders available throughout New York City, lower Westchester, and Nassau and Suffolk counties, the time it takes to intervene and stop veterans from committing suicide is decreased. OP:CC also provides long-term support for veterans at risk of suicide. SUS connects veterans with mental health services provided by the organization and other leading human services providers, and works in collaboration with federal and state agencies to advocate for veterans’ access to benefits and services that address their behavioral health challenges.

For suicide prevention support, please call toll free (844) SUS-OPCC/ (844) 787-6722