Homeless Services

Why are we living in a city, where a sidewalk takes the place of a bed, cardboard takes the place of a pillow, and thousands of people are sleeping in shelters instead of homes? S:US is working hard to help change this. We work to prevent homelessness. We operate shelters for homeless individuals and families, for people living with HIV/AIDS, for individuals with mental health challenges and for families experiencing domestic violence. And we connect homeless people to medical centers to ensure primary medical care and adherence to treatment. Our services include:

Anti-eviction assistance

Pathways to housing and employment

Case management for people living on the streets

Joyce was a young single mother trying to put her son through college when she lost her two brothers and her mother. The strain and stress were too much for her and she eventually turned to drugs. S:US’ Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Outreach Team reached out to Joyce. She found the support she needed at S:US to recover and find stable housing. She has been drug free for 10 years and is working on her education. She plans to become a counselor, and work with individuals who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Homeless Services

Homeless Prevention

S:US operates HomeBase, a homeless prevention community resource center that covers all of Manhattan, and includes the 30th Street Intake Shelter and on Riker’s Island. The center provides anti-eviction services to solve immediate housing crises, divert individuals at risk from the shelter system and address other issues that place individuals at greatest risk for homelessness.


S:US operates homeless shelters providing services and support to help individuals and families overcome barriers to independent living. Teams of experts offer housing placement assistance; case management; crisis support and resource building, including substance use disorder assessment and counseling; support groups; entitlement services, court and housing advocacy; long-term counseling referrals; pre-employment assessment; and recreational and cultural activities.

Outreach Services

S:US’ Outreach Services addresses HIV/AIDS healthcare disparities by facilitating access to care and other services via medical case management, navigation, promotion of self-reliance and patient education. S:US is one of the few providers in NYC using this model specifically to work with homeless adults.

The Transitional Care Coordination program is a unique outreach program that engages and works with individuals who are HIV+, homeless and unengaged in medical care to make those needed connections and supports.

The Medical Case Management program assists patients of an HIV clinic improve their health outcomes through health education and treatment adherence counseling. Our staff accompany individuals to their medical appointments and help them with wrap around services and specialty care.

Transition Services

Individuals and families recovering from an episode of homelessness may need short-term, supportive services to assist in transitioning to a safe and stable housing environment, perhaps in a new community.

S:US provides transition or aftercare services to former shelter residents through a variety of programs. These services are generally time limited and focused on empowering the individual to manage their life in their new home and community. Some participants need assistance in learning how to manage the responsibilities of rent and utility payments, while others may need assistance in daily living skills. Most will need assistance in getting linked to ongoing services (medical, mental health, substance use treatment, home care, as applicable) in their new communities. Programs employ adapted Critical Time Intervention models in their practice.

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