Helping New Yorkers in
Need Find Home

Our Mission We drive scalable solutions to transform the lives of people with disabilities, people in poverty and people facing homelessness: solutions that contribute to righting societal imbalances.

Our Vision We envision a city where everyone has a roof over their head, is healthy, productive and can enjoy the social connections that create a life of purpose. We’re a nonprofit with a staff of 1,800 that provides $273 million in services. Our efforts are supported by various local, state and federal government entities as well as foundations, corporations and individual donors. Most importantly, our vision allows us to deliver the same quality of services to one individual or to thousands. No challenge is beyond our scope.

Our Uniqueness Our Uniqueness lies in our ability to take what we learn on the ground and use it to change systems and impact policy. By delivering high quality services that address the complex circumstances of each person, we help transform lives, improve neighborhoods and boost future generations.

Why we´re here

At S:US, we don’t prescribe paths that define people but offer solutions that support each person’s definition of a life of purpose. When you look closely, the injustices facing our society are really a universe of highly individual obstacles. When an individual’s life is put on hold for circumstances unique to them, establishing a relationship with them is step one. It’s our guide to the services we provide. We don’t empower people. We give people the tools to empower themselves. The results: Individuals and families no longer limited by their obstacles but propelled by opportunities for a richer experience with the world. A ripple effect that extends from individuals out into their communities.

This is how we beat back stigma.

This is how we build communities.

This is how we create Opportunity for All.


Continuous Quality Improvement S:US engages in an ongoing effort to improve its services and internal practices.

Respect S:US acts on its belief in the essential dignity and value of each individual by treating everyone with compassion, care and courtesy.

Maximize Individual Potential S:US works with people to help them reach their individual potential.

Supportive Culture S:US believes that people need each other to achieve their goals, and creates a supportive environment where people can share ideas and information freely, to foster creativity, communication and collaboration.

Integrity S:US is committed to acting with integrity, as demonstrated by treating people consistently, honestly and fairly to help them achieve their own goals and the goals of the agency.

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