Disabilities Services

About one in six children in the U.S. is living with a developmental disability. One in 68 has been identified on the autism spectrum. With the right set of supports, people with intellectual/developmental disabilities can live in, work in, contribute to and participate in the community. This happens over and over again – every time it does, society is the better for it. That’s what we do.

Our services support each individual to:

Live and receive services in the community of their choice

Build and enjoy social connections through productive community participation

Deepen relationships with friends, family and others in their lives

Direct their own lives and experience life to their fullest potential

S:US Safety Plans for the Re-Opening of Day Habilitation Programs:

S:US Inc Brooklyn 5th Ave Day Hab (7559455)  Safety Plan

S:US Inc Bronx 149th Day Hab (7559461)  Safety Plan

S:US Inc Bronx Lydig Day Hab (7559470) Safety Plan

S:US Inc Bronx South Bronx Day Hab (7559449)  Safety Plan

S:US Inc Queens Lefferts I Day Hab  (7559650) Safety Plan

S:US Inc Queens Lefferts II Day Hab (7558469) Safety Plan

S:US Inc Queens Metro Day Hab (7559301) Safety Plan 

Elizabeth has lived at our Vernon residence for almost 20 years. All her neighbors know Elizabeth and everywhere she goes, there is a chorus of Hi Elizabeth! At home, it is the same. Returning each day from her day program, Elizabeth shouts out, Hi to each of her housemates and staff members. Elizabeth is eager to learn and practice her self-care skills but when she hears music, Elizabeth stops all activity to dance.

Developmental Disabilities Services


S:US supports individuals to live in the most integrated community setting possible. Each home offers support services that give people access to medical, nursing, psychological, nutritional, and employment services. For more details please contact Brenda Williams at or call 212 633-6900 ext. 1676.

Day Habilitation

Our Day Habilitation programs reduce the barriers to community inclusion by building each individual’s practical skills. These include communication and self-preservation, community awareness, independent living and pre-vocational skills by volunteering in the community. For more details please contact Jajaida Gonzalez at or call 212 633-6900 ext. 2318.

Community Habilitation

S:US’ Community Habilitation Program (Community Hab) helps individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities that live independently, or at home with family, to engage in their community. Community Hab Workers support individuals in strengthening their relationship building and social skills, and provide assistance with independent living activities such as cooking, community travel and household upkeep. Through this engagement, these individuals become more confident in making informed choices and developing adaptive skills. For more details please contact Brenda Williams at or call 212 633-6900 ext. 1676.


Job developers and job coaches assist individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities to prepare for, secure and be successful in their work/volunteer environments.
Supported Employment (SEMP) provides support to assist individuals to obtain and maintain paid competitive jobs in the community. For more details please contact Jajaida Gonzalez at 212 633-6900 ext. 2318.


Self-direction empowers individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their family to determine the supports and services that best fit their needs with a great amount of flexibility. The funds used to pay for these services reflect a resource level determined by the individual’s assessed needs. People who self-direct will be assisted by a circle of support, a group of people who advocate the individual’s best interests and supports their success. The individual is at the center of the circle and members of the circle communicate on an ongoing basis to discover, discuss, and plan the best way to meet needs and fulfill personal goals. For more details please contact Johanna Cepin at or call 212 633-6900 ext. 5397.

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)

S:US is using Applied Behavior Analysis to teach appropriate communication and social skills that decrease the frequency of challenging behaviors that limit opportunities to engage in community.
Individuals learn age appropriate life skills paired with social language to provide opportunities to interact in and outside of S:US. The application of the principles of this evidence-based practice has led to a decrease in psychotropic medication, a decrease in emergency room visits and hospitalizations and greater independence. For more details please contact Laurie Steffens at or call 917-471-2170.

CSIDD (Crisis Services for Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities)

CSIDD offers crisis prevention and response services to improve the lives of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) and behavioral health needs, as well as to their families and their circles of support, through the evidence-based START (Systemic, Therapeutic, Assessment, Resources, and Treatment) model. This model focuses on enhancing the “system” or “circles of supports” to better enable the system to assist the individual, all with a focus on access and improving community-based, person-centered supports. The overall goal of CSIDD is to build relationships and supports across service systems to help people remain in their homes and communities, and enhance the ability of the community to support them. For more details about CSIDD services or to submit a referral, please contact Linda Cisse at or 646-565-5890. For more information about the START model, visit

The S:US CSIDD Therapeutic Resource Center is a four-bedroom facility that includes two planned beds and two crisis beds, which provide respite and clinical services for guests, aged 21 and over, who have an intellectual/developmental disability and complex behavioral health needs that are also enrolled in the CSIDD program. The Center serves individuals in Brooklyn and Staten Island. S:US is one of two CSIDD/START service providers in the New York City region. For more details please contact Magney Hector-Williams, Therapeutic Center Director @ or call 646-565-5890.

Outside the Box

S:US Championships
For individuals residing with S:US and attending our day programs, group athletics and competition – medals and all – provide a terrific outlet. The S:US Championships and Family Fun Day is held each year in the fall.

Basketball League
In black and green uniforms, the S:US Warriors practice weekly and provide mean competition for other Day Hab teams in NYC. Highly competitive and high-energy games have made us six time champions with placement in the playoffs every season!

Best Buddies
Friends provide the support, encouragement and companionship that we all need. Many individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities experience feelings of isolation and disconnection and seek to develop friendships outside of their residences. To this end, S:US has partnered with Best Buddies New York, a volunteer effort that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships between people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and peers in the corporate and civic communities. Best Buddies speak at least weekly and meet monthly with the goal of establishing mutually enriching friendships.

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