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2024 HOPE Count

S:US participated in the NYC DHS’ annual street survey, known as HOPE (Homeless Outreach Population Estimate) Count, on January 23 10pm-4am. HOPE Count produces a point-in-time estimate of the unsheltered homeless population in New York City. The information gathered during HOPE is critical to the collective ongoing efforts to overcome street homelessness.

S:US works with communities and individuals in all corners of the city and Long Island to prevent homelessness and make sure every New Yorker in need has the chance to find a home. We operate shelters for homeless individuals and families, for people living with HIV/AIDS, for individuals with mental health challenges, and for families experiencing domestic violence. And we connect homeless people to medical centers to ensure primary medical care and adherence to treatment.

We’re grateful to the amazing S:US staff for serving their community! Thank you for all you do to help New Yorkers in need.

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