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After five years in shelter, Angela is home.

Source: S:US

October 2017

When Angela moved to New York City, she never imagined her new journey would eventually lead to homelessness.

“I stayed with a family member. For the first month, I was welcome. Second month, I had to go. So I entered into the shelter. And I actually went from shelter to shelter for about five years.”

It’s easy to recognize the physical and material devastation of homelessness. But being without one’s own safe space can also have an immense psychological and emotional impact. The absence of a space to do things as simple as sitting alone quietly to clear your mind, pursue things you enjoy, or visit with friends and family can be devastating.

Angela was finally able to move into a new apartment of her own last year. She now lives at S:US’ Henry Apartments.

Having her own space made Angela feel she was regaining her sense of self.

Now, she is starting to rebuild her life, making plans for the future, and rekindling relationships that had fallen by the wayside when she was homeless.

“My sister, she spent the night with me. That was beautiful. We bonded back…It’s a good feeling. I no longer feel like I don’t have family…It’s overwhelming because I felt alone…They can’t get me out of this apartment. I’m not going anywhere.”

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