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Art project helps DV survivors heal

Art project helps DV survivors heal

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. S:US operates two domestic violence shelters in New York City, offering respite and sanctuary for women, men, and their children who have experienced domestic violence. We provide counseling, supportive services, and a place where individuals and families can feel safe and secure so they can rebuild their lives.

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, one of our shelters facilitated an event where families were able to come together and take part in a three-part art activity project.

First Activity

The event opened up with residents completing this sentence “I Pledge To Release…” and were instructed to think and write down five words. Residents created a beautiful art canvas by painting their hands purple and placing their handprint on their canvas. At the top of each art canvas, Residents wrote ” I Pledge To Release…” Then the residents wrote down their five words within or around their handprints.

Second Activity

Residents wrote down their favorite affirmations, and/or words of encouragement that they incorporate in their daily lives.

Third Activity

Residents engaged in a group activity. They were provided with a blank white outlined board of a ribbon. All residents were provided with art supplies and worked together to decorate the ribbon.

The completion of the project included showcasing their creative ribbon on a display board and placing their affirmation/s words of encouragement all around the decorated ribbon. Residents were able to take with them their “I Pledge To Release…” canvases.

During the event, residents and staff took time to enjoy a meal, engage in conversations and share some laughs.

We thank our compassionate staff for their support in stabilizing the lives of the survivors and helping them heal from trauma.

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