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Block Party For Homeless Families

2016-08-19-RoseMcCarthy-_i-smallerPhoto credit: S:US

On a warm Friday afternoon, a quiet street in East New York resounded to the compelling beat of the top 40 hits. A couple of enthusiastic DJs were setting the mood for a block party that was taking place in front of the S:US Rose McCarthy Family Shelter. Residents of the shelter, each of whom has a history of homelessness, were grateful to receive this summer treat as children and parents alike enjoyed fun activities like face-painting, games, eating cheeseburgers and trying out sidewalk calligraphy. Ten community organizations (see list below) set up tables where they offered residents access to local resources.

2016-08-19-RoseMcCarthy-_c-smallerAnd S:US was privileged when the New York senator representing the 19th district, Roxanne J. Persaud, (right, center) stopped by to join in the festivities. When asked why she decided to attend, the senator responded, “When you hear about an event being held by Services for the UnderServed you want to come out and support it. You want residents to know there is someone who understands what they are going through and is willing to work with them.”

After Senator Persaud spoke to our leadership team at Rose McCarthy she said, “I see they are running a well-oiled program here.” She promised to return to meet the rest of the staff and talk to the shelter residents about their experiences. She added, “I asked the directors about job training and referral services and you seem to have all of that here, so this is one of the programs that we want to see succeed in our district.” 

We are most grateful to Senator Persaud for taking time out to be with us for our special summer event. We also thank the following community representatives for helping to make this day a success:  The Brooklyn Public Library, Department of Sanitation, Girls Scouts, The Family Center’s Legal Wellness Institute, Project Renewal, Protecting the East, The HOPE Program, Department of Homeless Services, Catholic Charities Homebase and East New York Farms.

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