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Broadening His Horizons

2016-08-31-EphraimE-capsPhoto credit: S:US

Six years ago, Ephraim was experiencing serious challenges to his mental health. Then he came to S:US where staff at our Brooklyn Clubhouse helped provide structure to his life and encouraged him to focus on the things that he really enjoyed. It was not long before Ephraim began to feel better about himself.

Calmly and deliberately, Ephraim shared his story, “When I got to the Clubhouse I got a chance to broaden myself because of the opportunities here: there are a lot of computers, and I’m in the maintenance unit, and what I do is clean the dining room tables, make sure that the floors are clean in the Wellness area and I cook sometimes.” He added, “I’m a nice young man. I take my medicine and do what I’ve got to do to take care of myself. And now I work part-time.”

“S:US made a big difference in my life. They made me the person that I am today: more ambitious, very eager, all of which made me strong mentally, promoted my wellness and gave me the tools I need to better myself. S:US is a great place. I have a lot of friends here. I promote wellness to them and they promote wellness to me.”

When asked what his plans are for the next five years, Ephraim responded, “I see myself going to college to learn how to be a pharmacist.”

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