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Goldman Sachs Helps Families Find Stability

Goldman Sachs Helps Families Find Stability

Photo: Ron McClenny/Unsplash

S:US is grateful to Goldman Sachs for their generous contribution in support of our Stay Safe, Stay Connected initiative to increase access to high-speed internet for the people we serve.

Funds from Goldman Sachs will help to decrease the digital divide for the people served by S:US. Through this grant, we will update the technology infrastructure at our supportive housing buildings, provide devices and data plans for people living in shelters or low-income housing in the community, and offer support and education to help individuals learn to use this technology.

The people who will benefit from this program are all low-income, and many face challenges with substance use, mental illness, or other health issues. Through increased access to high-speed internet, this vulnerable community will be able to improve their long-term health and wellness through connections to telehealth services. They also will feel less isolated and will be able to better connect to social supports, including greater connection to S:US staff through videoconferencing and peer groups.

In December 2020, we surveyed the people we serve and found that limited access to technology was one of the greatest barriers they were facing. Two-thirds of individuals stated a barrier related to technology, with not having a device being the top reason, followed by limited or no internet or WiFi, and general discomfort or need to learn how to use technology. 60% of the people served by S:US through our supportive housing are 55 and older, and these older adults are often less comfortable using technology than their younger peers. Support from Goldman Sachs will help the people S:US serves to overcome this challenge, allowing them better access to technology, as well as better health and greater connection to others.

On behalf of the entire S:US community, we are grateful to Goldman Sachs for this generous support, and to all our partners and donors, for helping us to offer programs that improve the lives of thousands of New Yorkers in need each year.

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