Hiring Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Is Great for Business

Hiring Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Is Great for Business

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At S:US we have several programs dedicated to training our individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities for employment opportunities and many have secured competitive employment. The success stories we hear from both employers and employees confirm what we already know to be true: workers with disabilities are valuable members of the workforce like anyone else!

Anthony Finkel, CEO of DPH Property Maintenance Service, gave a shout out to S:US and the individuals he worked with us to hire in his recent interview with WCBS Newsradio 880.

Anthony grew up in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, where he developed an appointment-based snow removal service in 2013. He then moved into other jobs, like painting porches, fixing decks, and cleaning out garages. He grew his business, DPH Property Maintenance Service, job by job, expanding to contracting and home improvement projects, a trash subscription service, and property maintenance around New York City.

DPH has partnered with local organizations to bring in qualified staff, including S:US, who Anthony called a “terrific nonprofit in the city.” DPH hired three of our individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who S:US helped prepare for employment. These individuals have been working with DPH’s supplemental sidewalk cleaning programs for the Cortelyou Road Merchants Association in Brooklyn for a couple of years.

In addition, DPH currently has a landscaping contract with S:US for sites in Brooklyn and the Bronx. S:US Urban Farms employs 30 individuals as part-time stewards for our community farms and as core team members with our marketed landscaping initiatives. Through their work on the urban farms and gardens, participants gain employable skills, generate income, build self-esteem, and enjoy the nourishing benefits of fresh organic produce.

S:US’ Developmental Disabilities Services serves approximately 800 individuals who have been diagnosed with an intellectual and/or developmental disability, as well as autism spectrum disorders and other psychiatric disorders. We assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, secure and be successful in their work/volunteer environments. Supported Employment provides support to assist individuals to obtain and maintain paid competitive jobs in the community. S:US is an integral part of the communities that host our programs and services in every borough of New York City. 

Hear Anthony’s interview with WCBS Newsradio 880.

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