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Honoring our Social Workers

Honoring our Social Workers

March is National Social Work Month. We need social workers now more than ever. Homelessness is on the rise. The opioid addiction crisis has hit our communities hard. The pandemic caused an increase in mental health challenges, food insecurity, and economic hardship. Social workers go through years of education, training, and supervision so they can do the delicate but important work of meeting people where they are and helping them achieve their goals. Social work is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. However, social workers need support to meet the high demand for their vital work. That is why the Social Work Month theme for 2024 is Empowering Social Workers: Inspiring Action, Leading Change!

At S:US, our social work staff are compassionate and selfless individuals. Collectively, we transform the lives of people with disabilities, people in poverty, and people facing homelessness.

Social workers are trained to see presenting issues through the tapestry of race, culture, gender, religion, and socio-economic status. They pride themselves in using the intersectionality lens to understand and advocate for people served on an individual and systemic level. At S:US, we are therapists, wellness/family specialists, directors, supervisors, quality assurance specialists, trainers, grant writers, and more because we recognize the need to have a multifaceted approach to addressing people’s needs.

Join S:US in celebrating our social workers, this month, and every month! We are grateful for their essential work breaking barriers and serving New Yorkers in need.

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