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Housing and employment grant to restore stability for veterans

We are grateful to the Bob Woodruff Foundation for awarding a grant to S:US to help veterans in New York City who are not eligible for federally-funded services. We’re honored to be in the Foundation’s Got Your 6 Network.

The goal of this grant is to provide employment services, case management, and financial assistance for housing and employment-related needs to at least 125 veterans, ensuring that they meet their long-term housing and employment goals.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation has previously given grants to S:US for essential COVID-19 supplies and programming for veterans, as well as career services for post-9/11 veterans.

New York City is one of the largest, most complex urban environments in the world. Many New York veterans are classified as “very low income” by federal guidelines and are experiencing or at risk for homelessness. Most are unable to access government-funded programs such as Supportive Services for Veteran Families and the Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program, and still require these essential services. S:US recognizes this service gap and, with the support of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, we ensure that no veteran falls through the system’s cracks.

Veteran homelessness in New York City presents distinct challenges compared to other major cities across the United States. The median rent in New York City is $5,379, as of August 2023, while the average income of New York’s veterans is $35,000 a year—or half of one year’s rent. The shortage of low-cost housing is a major problem for veterans. Studies have uncovered that the lack of affordable housing is a major factor for a veteran to experience homelessness, especially among post-9/11 vets. These veterans are more likely to struggle to afford housing than any other group of veterans before them.

S:US partners with nearly 3,000 veterans and their families to prevent homelessness, receive rapid rehousing support, find employment opportunities, access resources, and stabilize their lives. S:US also provides behavioral health and other support services to help veterans achieve long-term stability.

Over 85 percent of the veterans we serve are experiencing homelessness, with 60 percent living with more than one serious health condition such as chronic mental illness, substance use disorder, and other physical conditions. Additionally, 30 percent are justice-involved (people who have spent time in jails, youth correctional facilities, or prisons).


About the Bob Woodruff Foundation

The Bob Woodruff Foundation was founded in 2006 after reporter Bob Woodruff was wounded by a roadside bomb while covering the war in Iraq. Since then, the Bob Woodruff Foundation has raised awareness about the tough challenges veterans and military families are facing, and invested in solutions to help support them in the next chapter of their lives. To date, the Bob Woodruff Foundation has invested over $157 million to ensure that our nation’s veterans, service members and their families — those who stood for us — have stable and successful futures. Visit the Bob Woodruff Foundation for more information.

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