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International Day for People with Disabilities

International Day for People with Disabilities

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Every seventh person alive today–more than 1 billion people in total–lives with some form of disability. Today, December 3, is the International Day for People with Disabilities, which aims to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society.

People with disabilities rely on the care of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). DSPs help them with essential daily functions, medication administration, nutrition recommendations, domestic chores, understanding COVID-19 safety, and keeping their spirits up with fun activities. They also help people learn how to do things for themselves. It is because of their care and compassion that those who receive our services continue to have enriching and rewarding lives.

Support people with disabilities by advocating for higher wages and investment in the Direct Support Professional workforce! Sign this petition today and let Governor Hochul know you care about people with disabilities and the people that support them.

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