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Kehlani Delivers Powerful Motivational Speech About Mental Illness

Source:  Complex.com
by Corbin Reiff

Kehlani is someone who knows what it’s like to live with severe depression. Earlier this year, the R&B singer was hospitalized after attempting to take her own life.

She’s fully recovered now and and is out on the road delighting audiences once again with her unique vocal delivery. During a recent stop on her present tour, Kehlani paused her show to deliver a power speech about the rigors of living with mental illness and the responsibility we all share in helping those closest to us.

“[Suicide] is something that so many young people are dealing with,” Kehlani said. “And so many young people slip under the rug. Please don’t try it. Don’t do it.” Then, referencing her own suicide attempt, the singer revealed, “It wasn’t a first time thing, and that’s not okay…for anyone. Not for the people around you, not for the people that love you, not the people that care about you.”

In March, Kehlani made headlines when she posted a photo of her arm with an IV sticking out of it to Instagram captioned, “Today I wanted to leave the Earth.” She then addressed her relationship with both Partynextdoor and Kyrie Irving

“God saved me for a reason, and for that… I must be grateful.. Cuz I’m not in heaven right now for a reason.” She then deleted her account for a while, but it’s since gone live once again.

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression and has thoughts of suicide, it’s not weakness to ask for help. If you just want someone to talk to, and feel like you can’t share your thoughts with those in your daily life, here’s the number for the Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.


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