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S:US Awarded $735,000 Grant

S:US Awarded $735,000 Grant

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The Dormitory Authority State of New York (DASNY) recently granted S:US $735,000 to improve accessibility across our residential programs. Being afforded the funding to make our housing sites more accessible will improve the mobility and quality of life for consumers with physical disabilities, sight, hearing or mobile impairments. It will also be a huge help to consumers as they age in place in their own homes.

Without the funds to appropriately accommodate individuals as their physical needs change, many would likely have to leave the homes they have known for many years — leaving behind communities, and social connections, and needing to forge new ones. Each program’s needs for accessibility improvements vary and improvements are being planned to directly impact the lives of consumers living there now and into the future.

Accessibility enhancements at one residence for individuals with intellectual / developmental disabilities will mean that Charles who has mobility challenges and was unable to enjoy the community room or the courtyard because of a narrow hallway and lack of a chair lift, will no longer be denied this opportunity to socialize.

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