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S:US Receives CARF Accreditation

We are pleased to share that S:US has received a three-year accreditation from CARF International. CARF International has surveyed hundreds of thousands of programs around the world since it was founded as an independent, nonprofit accreditor in 1966. This is the fourth instance that S:US has received this designation.

Accreditation is a sign of quality and people look for CARF® accreditation in their choice of treatment for addiction and substance use, rehabilitation of a disability, home and community services, retirement living, and other health and human services.

See S:US’ areas of strength, according to the accreditation report. 


Veterans Services

“In continuing to work toward the goal of ending homelessness among veterans, S:US plays a leading role in related service delivery, strategic planning, stakeholder coordination, and system innovation. New York City Coalition on the Continuum of Care has referred to the organization as the go-to program for the provision of services to veterans experiencing homelessness.”

Urban Farms

“In Urban Farms, the horticulture program of S:US, the organization demonstrates exemplary corporate citizenship by stepping up to address the issue of food insecurity among the persons served.”


Service Delivery

“S:US provides an extensive array of outstanding professional behavioral health and employment and community services in and around New York City.”

“The organization’s comprehensive, integrated array of services provides a one-stop shopping experience for the persons served by addressing multiple barriers related to social determinants of health.”

“The entire workforce of S:US is acknowledged for the fullness of its commitment to the persons served.”

“The ACT team is composed of exceptionally enthusiastic, innovative, and high performing members who serve with integrity… they are recognized for their excellence for the work they do in accommodating the persons served.”

“The staff members at Chelsea Court are complimented for developing relationships in the community at locations where food, mental health services, and other resources are available”

“South Bronx Day Hab Program’s impressive activities, which include the opportunity for persons served to go into the community each day, include volunteering to deliver food to elderly persons who reside in the area.”

Stakeholder Input

“They love working with their employment specialist and would refer other businesses seeing employees to S:US.”

“S:US demonstrates a commitment to conduct processes and activities geared toward improving the quality of services provided to persons served.”

“Staff members are caring, passionate, and committed to providing services that make a difference in their lives”

Organizational Culture & Leadership

“The welcoming workplace culture of S:US reflects staff members’ dedication to the organization’s success in working to fulfill its mission.”

“Staff members demonstrate an understanding of the importance of self-care and are innovative in promoting self-care, team building, and camaraderie among themselves.”

“Staff members commented that the organization mentors them, encourages them to pursue higher education, and promotes personnel from within.”

“Staff members often expressed that leadership “gives a darn and cares,” and that staff members “show up.”

Strategy, Operations & Compliance

“S:US is recognized for strategically positioning itself with respect to current and emergent needs, resources, programs, and services.”

“The foundational documents and well-developed operations of S:US reflect the organization’s strong, ongoing commitment to uphold the rights of all persons served to the provision of fair, ethical practices.”

“S:US is commended for its robust corporate compliance program… operational transparency.”

“S:US goes to great lengths to ensure that the residences of the persons served are beautifully decorated, homelike, person-centered, immaculate, and well maintained.”

COVID-19 Response

“The leadership, board, and staff members demonstrated tremendous strength in the actions they took to ensure the sufficiency of the financial reserves and resources of S:US to weather the last 28 months of the COVID-19 pandemic without service interruption. It recognized the stress and strain perpetuated by COVID-19 and addressed these topics with the persons served, their families, and staff members.”

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