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S:US Featured in City’s Report to Reduce Homelessness

S:US Featured in City’s Report to Reduce Homelessness

Source: The City of New York

The┬áde Blasio Administration recently released it’s report to reduce homelessness in New York City. “Today, we face a new kind of homelessness that is driven by years of wages not keeping up with the cost of housing in our city. It’s caused pain for millions and deep pain for thousands of people who have become homeless. For decades, the City has not done enough (for…) New Yorkers and the communities where they are sheltered. This report outlines how we turn the tide on this crisis, neighborhood by neighborhood.” (excerpted from the report executive summary).

The report highlights the inspiring story of one of our very own! In reimagining a shelter strategy, Richard, a peer specialist, has used his own life experience to help others overcome like challenges. (Read story here, page 94)

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