S:US Urban Farms in Architectural Digest

S:US Urban Farms in Architectural Digest
















Photo credit: S:US

Architectural Digest recently published a story about the world’s largest rooftop urban farm coming soon to Paris and how urban farms connect city residents with local agriculture and healthy food.

Mike Hollis, S:US Urban Farms Director, is featured in the article and discusses additional benefits that urban farms bring. “There’s very much a need for the natural connection to outdoor communities, such as parks,” says Hollis. “Having an urban farm nearby gives people a reconnection to the natural world, which is therapeutic and healing; it gives people a sense of place.”

S:US Urban Farms touches more than 500 individuals each year, providing therapeutic horticulture, nutritional programming, and employment opportunities to the individuals we serve – through workshops, field experiences, and our network of community farms and garden spaces.

Read the original article here.


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