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Moving On

Moving On

S:US has an excellent track record of moving homeless families out of shelters into supportive housing.  However, some of the families that S:US serves have now become independent working families who do no longer need support. Moreover, they have outgrown their current apartments and are in dire need of larger homes.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Robin Hood Foundation made available through the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) Moving On initiative, S:US has received $75,000 to enable families who have achieved stability in supportive housing to transition to independent housing.

S:US was one of five organizations to be awarded a Moving On grant but is the only organization slated to use this funding for families rather than individuals.  In fact, S:US will use this grant to help 25 families move into larger apartments in their chosen community.  After these 25 families have relocated, S:US will be able to accept more families into supportive housing in the hopes that they too can supported to move on.

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