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The Keith Haring Foundation Gives S:US Grant to Support People Living with HIV/AIDS

The Keith Haring Foundation Gives S:US Grant to Support People Living with HIV/AIDS

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Thank you to the Keith Haring Foundation, which has awarded a generous grant to support S:US’ two transitional housing programs for people living with HIV/AIDS who also struggle with behavioral challenges and substance use disorders, as well as other chronic conditions. In addition to providing case management, service coordinators in these transitional housing programs assist clients in finding and securing permanent housing. This involves assisting them with housing applications and searches for housing, as well as teaching daily living skills like budgeting, hygiene, and medication management so that the individual can live independently. The program also provides Immediate Antiretroviral Therapy medication, health care coordination, health-related education and counseling, linkage and accompaniment to medical and social support service appointments, and HIV self-management assessments.

Since 1990, S:US has provided services to people living with HIV/AIDS. We provide a full spectrum of support, from prevention, early intervention, and case management from unstable housing situations to permanent housing. In 2021, we served more than 700 individuals living with HIV/AIDs in New York City.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our care and services increased for people living with HIV/AIDS. We are helping people stay safe during the pandemic by providing emergency housing, food and supplies, PPE, and connection to COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. Due to our increased efforts, we have maintained an incredibly low COVID-19 transmission rate across all S:US programs that serve individuals with HIV/AIDS.

Early detection, consistent engagement in health care and a stable living environment are all contributing factors for positive health outcomes among people living with HIV/AIDS. Thanks to the Keith Haring Foundation, we’ll be able to increase our services for people living with HIV/AIDS!

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