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S:US Celebrates Earth Day

S:US Celebrates Earth Day

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Earth Day takes place on April 22, and it’s S:US tradition to begin seasonal volunteer activities with Urban Farms around that date. This year, we’re excited to have community volunteer groups join us on the weekends before and after Earth Day, and to have volunteers from the S:US community join a project on Earth Day itself. These volunteer groups will be working at two of our farm locations to repair garden beds, add mulch and compost to improve the gardens’ soil health, and to help our Urban Farmers with their spring planting.

Meet our Urban Farmers!

Dennis and Larry are S:US Urban Farmers that grow hundreds of pounds of fresh produce each year for distribution to the veterans of their Brooklyn residence. Each April, they’re excited to celebrate Earth Month by preparing their urban farm for the growing season. They’ve already amended and cultivated the soil in their raised garden beds, and they’re ready to begin planting for the year.

Rauly is an Urban Farmer that helps with gardening and landscaping at over half a dozen S:US locations in the Bronx. He celebrates Earth Month each April by helping to launch all of the sites he supports, providing seasonal cleanups, delivering supplies, constructing new garden beds, and planting the first spring seeds.

If you’re interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities, please contact Minjung Park, S:US Volunteer & Community Relations Manager.

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