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S:US Featured In Robin Hood Veterans Initiative Documentary [WATCH]

S:US Featured In Robin Hood Veterans Initiative Documentary [WATCH]

Robin Hood Foundation’s Veterans Initiative has featured members of S:US’ Veterans Services department in a new short documentary film about US servicemen and women facing life struggles after coming home.

Physical and mental health issues, family problems and steady employment are just a few of the many challenges faced by veterans upon their return.

“You may have a veteran that is leaving the service and their skills don’t necessarily translate, or they have an inability to translate the stills they do have into real employment,” Veterans S:US Vice President of Veterans Services, LT. CDR. Brett Morash, US Navy (RET) says in the film.

Shawn Nixon, a veteran who joined the military in 1999, knows that all too well. Upon return to the States Nixon spent six months homeless and unemployed and ultimately depressed. “How can somebody who decided to serve this country end up homeless and in the streets?” he asks.
The unemployment rate for post-911 vets is nearly triple those who didn’t serve. The number of vets in need of job training and placement, medical services, housing programs jobs, medical services and more are ever increasing.

Watch the seven minute documentary below to see the methods the organization has used to address these needs and help organizations like ours . Plus see how Brett Morash and Sean Nixon had a chance meeting that brought Nixon into the S:US family and gave him the opportunity for housing and employment:


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