What’s Eating New York? Virtual Event Series

What’s Eating New York? Virtual Event Series

S:US’ What’s Eating New York? Virtual Event Series features stimulating conversations focused on issues impacting the lives of countless New Yorkers — issues that are core to S:US’ commitment to contribute to righting societal imbalances. Chef and TV Personality Andrew Zimmern is hosting these events and will be joined by a variety of esteemed panelists. 


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Event #1: January 26, 2021, Topic: HUNGER

“I have found that the greatest gift we can give to another human in need is dignity and respect. S:US does that better than any organization I know of.” -Andrew Zimmern, Jan. 26th, 2021

Our first virtual event focused on hunger with an incredible panel of special guests: S:US President and CEO Donna Colonna, Founder + CEO of Rethink Food Matt Jozwiak, Chef Nicole Ponseca, Chef Marcus Samuelsson, and Executive Chair of Share Our Strength Billy Shore, with special musical guest Grammy Award-winning Singer/Songwriter Michelle Branch.


MISSED THE EVENT? Watch in full below.

Look through our Digital Journal.  Inside you will see a special message from S:US’ Board Chair, Jen Press Marden and President and CEO Donna Colonna. Also read about the evening’s program, see the list of our generous sponsors, and learn more about S:US. (Click in the center to enter full screen)

“Food is a love language. All of it is an ecosystem of giving, sharing, taking away the stigma of hunger, and taking care of our own.”  — Nicole Ponseca, Jan. 26th, 2021


S:US works with partners to help individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. We facilitate food distribution (meal deliveries, holiday food boxes, food and vegetables from farmers markets, etc.), help people find and access resources, and teach people about nutrition and how to grow food through our Urban Farms initiative. Urban Farms grows approximately 7,000 lbs. of fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs yearly, with the harvest distributed at no cost to S:US housing residents and program participants.


“My hope is that some of the lessons learned during the pandemic and the collaborations will carry us forward.” — Donna Colonna, S:US CEO, Jan. 26th, 2021

S:US drives scalable solutions to transform the lives of people with disabilities, people in poverty and people facing homelessness: solutions that contribute to righting societal imbalances. Every year, S:US works with over 37,000 individuals and their families to create pathways to rich and productive lives by offering housing, employment, skills-building, treatment, and rehabilitation services. Learn more about S:US and watch the video below.

Event #2: March 30, 2021, Topic #2: HOMELESSNESS

“Homelessness is one of the biggest problems that faces urban America today. We had a homeless issue before the pandemic, but we’re trying to prevent the pending crisis from resulting in more homelessness.”  — Ron Moelis, L+M Development Partners, March 30th, 2021


S:US is working hard to prevent homelessness. We operate shelters for homeless individuals and families, for people living with HIV/AIDS, for individuals with mental health challenges, and for families experiencing domestic violence. And we connect homeless people to medical centers to ensure primary medical care and adherence to treatment. Learn more about our Homelessness Services.


“Anyone can become homeless. It’s not a certain type of person. Everyone is an individual and has their own story, their own struggle. It’s really about getting a roof over your head, then things improve.” — Jean Taitt, C&C Apartment Management


Our second virtual event focused on homelessness and featured another impressive panel of special guests which included: CEO + Founding Partner at L+M Development Partners, Ron Moelis, Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Property Development at S:US, Arlo Monell Chase, Director of Social Services at C&C Apartment Management, Jean Taitt, and US Marine Corps Captain and Intake Coordinator at S:US, Renee Joseph, with special musical guest iHeartRadio’s Best New Country Artist, Singer/Songwriter Jordan Davis.


MISSED THE EVENT? View in full below:

“In the past year, a lot of our veterans have fallen into hard situations… nobody plans to be homeless. I tell them it’s ok to ask for help.” -Renee Joseph, Intake Coordinator, S:US


View the Digital Journal from our second event (Click in the center to enter full screen)

“We CAN end homelessness. It’s a matter of resources, political will, and hard work. It can be done.”  — Arlo Chase, Senior VP of Real Estate and Property Development, S:US


“I was a victim of homelessness. The fact that I was an active addict and alcoholic did not help … Homelessness is the biggest and most powerful part of my story.”  — Andrew Zimmern


Join us for our third event!

We’re working on our third and final event in the What’s Eating New York? Virtual Event Series focused on Addiction (date to be announced). Andrew Zimmern will again lead an inspiring and informative panel discussion followed by a special musical guest performance. Stay tuned!

Event Topic #3: ADDICTION 

No family is unaffected by mental illness and substance use. Mental illness is the leading cause of disability worldwide and only 9% of the 22.7 million Americans with drug or alcohol addiction challenges are receiving treatment. S:US is breaking down barriers and opening new doors. With the right set of supports and working together, people can recover, lead productive lives and move past their challenges. Learn more about our Recovery and Treatment Services.

Date, Panelists, Musical Guest: To be announced

Stay tuned!

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